Simple Good-One Smoker Cleaning Tips.

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Cleaning the outside of the Generation 3 smokers with the Weber BBQ Exterior Grill cleaner. With the new powder coat on the current smokers, just wipe down with a paper towel or soft cloth after each cook.

“Don’t use this cleaner on the non-powder coat smokers.”Smoker Maint Clean











A simple clean out method for The Open Range Smoker/Patio Jr  for the left over grease that is located in the bottom of the smoker chamber. Pull a 32 inch piece of 18 inch foil, take both smoking grates out and wrap foil in bottom of Smoking chamber and make sure to add hole for the Gen 3 drain bucket . Remove foil after a couple of cooks and dispose and replace with a new piece of foil.

Smoking Racks Removed

Smoker Maint Clean 2


Bottom Smoked Rack installed. 

Smoker Maint Clean 3