The Heritage Oven-Kitchen Model

The Generation III Good One Heritage Oven has a flexible temperature range; this cooker makes it easy to cook almost any type of food from BBQ to casseroles, veggies to deserts or whatever recipe you can dream up. Whether you are smoking or grilling, the Heritage Oven makes cooking delicious foods super-easy.

Some other features certainly worth noting about The Good One Heritage Oven is the high-temp powder-coat paint. Other than withstanding the scorching temperatures that the Heritage Oven can put off, high-temp powder-coat paint provides protection, improves durability, and offers a nice clean finish. The two stainless steel doors with cool-to-touch handles also offer a high quality and professional look.

Like the rest of The Good One line, the innovative design of this grill remains intact by placing charcoal and wood in a handy firebox with it’s own grill grate for direct grilling fish, burgers, or searing some fantastic steaks. The separate smoking chamber is located above and behind the firebox which is ideal for indirect cooking anything from ribs to brisket without the hot-spots commonly found on side-firebox smokers. How does the Good One avoid those hot-spots? An internal damper runs the entire length the grill so heat and smoke are distributed evenly from the firebox into the upper smoking chamber. The twist-style air intakes on the bottom of the firebox make temperature adjustments simple and repeatable. From low and slow smoking to high temperature grilling, it has tons of smoking and grilling space to get any job done. The Heritage Oven’s three adjustable and locking smoker grates and one firebox grate combine for a whopping 1,199 sq in of total cooking area. You can also add an extra, optional smoker grate that increases the total cooking area to 1,531 sq in. Best of all, with the removable internal ash pan, cleanup is a breeze.

Overall dimensions: 45in H x 32in W x 29in D
Total cooking area: 1,199sq in (1,531 sq in with optional smoker grill grate)                                                                                                                                                                     Weight: 295 lbs

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  • > What’s Included

1 Kitchen Skirt
1 Smoker/Grill Assembly
3 Adjustable smoking shelves grates
1 Drop-in grill grate
1 Drop-in ash pan
1 Charcoal grate assembly
1 3in Tel-Tru Front-mounted thermometer
Owners Manual

Warranty: 10 YEAR LIMITED


Weather Cover
Slide-out smoker grates with rails
30 in Stainless Steel Grill side shelve