Pork Belly “Burn’t Ends”

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Pork Belly “Burn’t Ends” 


Step 1: The Brine –

2-Quarts of waterPork belly brine

1/2-Cup of Morton’s Tender Quick

1-Cup of brown sugar

1-Cup of Three Little Pig’s Touch of BBQ Cherry rub 

1-Cup of Three Little Pig’s Competition BBQ Sauce

1-Cup of Molasses

Heat the water with Tender Quick, sugar and all the other spices. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar and Tender quick are dissolved. Remove from heat add ice. Stir until the ice has melted. Score the front and back (fat side) of the pork belly with a sharp knife ¼ inch deep. Place pork belly in either catering pan or sealed container and cover with brine, put in the refrigerator.  Each day either turn or massage to make sure the pork belly is covered by the brine.

Curing time usually 3-4 days in refrigerator

Step 2: The Cook    

Fire up the Good-One Smoker to 250 degrees using All-Natural lump charcoal.  Rub the Pork belly down with a heavy coat of Three Little Pig’s Touch of Cherry Rub to create the crust.  Place the pork belly on the smoker and add your favorite smoking wood, I used wild cherry for this cook.  Smoke the pork belly to 200 degrees internal, usually about 6-7 hours at 250 degrees.

Once the Pork Belly had been removed from the smoker allow to cool for ½ hour. Cut against the grain in about 1 inch slices, than cut the slices into the desired cube size to fit your need.    Place the cubes in a hot skillet and add a little butter and ThrePork Bellye Little Pig’s Competition BBQ Sauce and sauté until hot. Serve on a large piece of Texas Toast with a side of slaw and beans.


Chris Marks  (CBBQE) Chief BBQ Expert

Good-One Manufacturing