Changes to Generation 3 of The Good-One Smokers

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patio jr selfie 2.0

Changes to  Generation 3 of The Good-One Smokers with Hal Wagner

The new Patio Jr, came to life recently by changing and improving it’s predecessor, the Pony Express.  Watch our video above for important changes:

The net result is that this smoker has been much improved, making it much easier to operate, burns for a much longer time and just generally is a much better smoker. Here are the top new features:

New Features:

Hal demonstrates that the new ash pan configuration eliminated leaky side plates.  The easily re-movable Ash pan/Grill gives access to ashes for clean up

up after cooking and allows up to 2 lbs more charcoal for longer burn times, upward of eight hours. The new grease bucket drain configuration makes for a quick and grease free cleanup!

New smoking rack configuration allowing more height between bigger meats and we have put a “finished edge” on the racks, eliminating  any sharp edges. The top smoker lid can now be configured for front or reverse configuration simply removing 2 bolts and spinning the lid.  We also have a new – high heat, powder coat paint – that makes the smoker easier to clean up and and generally presents itself better as well!