Texas Beef Ribs (Brisket on a Stick) Recipe

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Texas-Style Beef Short Rib RecipeBeef Ribs Single

        (Brisket on a Stick)

On the Good-One Smoker

  • Begin by removing the fat and the very tough silver skin from the top of the meat.
  • Remove the membrane from the exposed side of the bones.
  • After stripping the membrane from the back of the beef ribs, layer Three Little Pig’s Memphis BBQ rub & Texas Beef BBQ Rub  and using a Jaccard tenderizer, drive the rub down into the beef rib between each bone.
  •  Tenderize the top of the beef ribs after layering the Three Little Pig’s BBQ Rub Memphis & Texas Beef rub with the Jaccard tenderizer, The narrow blades sever long tough strands of the beef rib and drive the rub deeper into the beef ribs.
  • Setup your Good-One Smoker/Grill to 250-275 degrees.
  •  Put the beef ribs on, bone side down, and add your choice of wood, I prefer wild cherry and pecan for beef ribs.
  •  You will not need to add more wood and you will not need to turn the meat over. Cook bone down all the way. The exact length of the cook depends on variables such as the composition of the meat and fuels being used.

Estimated Cooking times:

1″ thick meat should hit 203°F in about 4 hours.

1.5″ thick meat should hit 203°F in about 6 hours.

2″ thick meat should hit 203°F in about 8 hours.


Chris Marks, Chief BBQ Expert – Landmark Manufacturing