Smoker Lobster Tail Recipe on the Good-One Smoker

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 Prepare the butter mixture:

  1. Mix the butter, lemon juice, minced garlic, and Three Little Pig’s Chamapionship Rub together. Separate this into two bowls. One-half for brushing on before and during smoking, and one-half reserved for dipping while eating. Set both aside.

Prepare the tail:

  1. Cut the upper shell, (not the belly) down the center of the back with scissors to the tail, (but don’t cut through the tail flipper), and spread the shell-halves apart so you can see the tail meat in the shell.
  2. Starting near the flipper, (also called tail fan), using your finger, slide it between the meat and the shell and work the meat loose from the sides and belly of the shell, but leave the meat attached to the tail fan. Lift the meat up, and lay the meat back on top of the empty shell. Done!
  3.  Brush all surfaces of the meat with your butter mixture, now it’s ready for the smoker.

Smoke that tail:

  1. Get your Good-One Smoker going and stabilized at about 280° to 290° F. Put cherry chunks on the charcoal and place the lobster tail directly on the smoker, meat facing up. (The belly of the shell should be setting on the rack). Be sure the meat is still sitting on top of the shell. This will allow the heat and smoke to affect all surfaces of the meat.
  2. No need to flip the lobster over. Smoke for approximately 30 minutes, maintaining the 280° to 290° F temperature.
  3. It’s done when the meat is no longer transparent looking, and firm to the touch. Just a note, the meat will be slightly pink colored from the smoking process.
  4. Serve with the garlic butter reserved from earlier and lemon wedges.