The Chuckwagon

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The Chuck wagon by The Good-One includes both The Rodeo smoker and The Lone Star grill mounted on a single trailer. Together, that means you’ll have an incredible 4,695 square inches of cooking area.

The Good-One smokers are extremely easy to use and engineered to cook for five or more hours on one load of lump charcoal. Their design promotes a long, slow, lateral cook that gives you even heating without hot zones. And while they’re designed to be left alone for hours, opening the lid is no problem for The Good-One smokers. These units get their heat back rapidly, typically within three to four minutes. Two units in one The Rodeo smoker features four heavy-duty slide-out racks, giving you enough room for a full hind quarter of beef, a half hog, or more than two dozen slabs of ribs at once. Easy to use: just open it up, fill it with charcoal, and light up your starter blocks. Once the coals are glowing, add flavored wood and your choice of meats, close the intake and exhaust airflow spinners to 1/8″, set the damper at 11 o’clock to get the optimum smoke temperature of 250-275 degrees Fahrenheit, then step back and let The Rodeo do its work. No need to rotate meats with any of The Good-One smokers. This unit features a grill offering consistent heat control.