The Good-One Advantage!!

DRiver Side

  • Innovative design

  • Cooks well in inclement weather

  • The top smoker lid can be configured to front or reverse configuration by simply removing 1 bolt and spinning the lid.

  • Ability to manage air flow to extremely fine adjustment with unique spinner and damper design

  • High heat coating

  • Unit is so tight, leftover charcoal can be reused by simply closing damper and spinners to extinguish!

  • Easy re-movable Ash pan/8″ charcoal grate gives access to charcoal spill over and makes clean up a snap!

  • Self-Locking Charcoal lid with safety catch.

  • New grease bucket drain configuration for quick and grease free cleanup.

  • Damper control between grill and smoker, controls heat in the smoker chamber for uniform cooking temperature.

  • Quality workmanship

  • Simple and easy cooking

  • Old-fashioned pit BBQ taste

  • Provides consistent & even cooking across the cooking surface and over time

  • Minimal moving parts

  • No need to rotate meats on grates

  • Start and walk off-cooks for 8-10 hours!

  • Use smoker and grill to cook other foods such as beans, potatoes, corn and even fruit pies!

ACE BBQ May 011 ACE BBQ May 034DSC00705