The Heritage Oven







Cooking Area: 1,199 sq. inches

The Heritage Oven™ is designed to simply be “dropped in” to most custom designed outdoor kitchen cooking areas. It makes grilling delicious meals with real “Pit BBQ” flavor easy. The oven smokes and grills meats but can also be used to cook casseroles, vegetables, desserts & more!


  • Attractive front opening, stainless steel doors

  • Three adjustable, locking & smoking shelves

  • Hi-temp powder coat paint

  • Self-locking fire box lid for ease in lighting charcoal and grilling

  • Now available with axle assembly

  • Installation, cooking, clean-up and maintenance is quicker and easier than ever with The Heritage Oven™!

Removable Ash Pan!
The Patio Jr., Open Range and Heritage models now ALL have a removable ash pan which allows for easy removal of leftover ash. Should the need ever arise, it can be easily replaced without the need to cut and weld in new ash grates!