The Pit Boss





The Pit Boss features The Rodeo smoker/grill mounted on a trailer for mobility. The unit is portable and provides plenty of cooking space for catering, competition cookers, hunt clubs and tailgating.

The Pit Boss has the space to cook 24 slabs of ribs flat or 45 slabs in 15-rib racks. It features a removable trailer hitch for convenience in cooking.

Top 10 reasons to make your next smoker a Good-one:
1. Minimum supervision required while cooking
2. Low fuel consumption
3. Internal damper for easy heat control
4. Allows constant heat for hours without refueling
5. Even heat flow (no hot spots)
6. Quality workmanship, built to last
7. Removable clean out pan on all models
8. Easily cook meat to perfection
9. No pot metal, no tin, all steel
10. Be the envy of all your friends!